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Have you learned how to choose fingerprint lock?

Have you learned how to choose fingerprint lock?

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(Summary description)1.Understandthestrengthoftheenterprise.Beforecustomerschoosefingerprintlock,theymustknowthehistoryofthisenterpriseenteringfingerprintlockindustry.Someenterpriseshavebeenestablishedforafewyears,buttheirproductsarenotstable...

Have you learned how to choose fingerprint lock?

(Summary description)1.Understandthestrengthoftheenterprise.Beforecustomerschoosefingerprintlock,theymustknowthehistoryofthisenterpriseenteringfingerprintlockindustry.Someenterpriseshavebeenestablishedforafewyears,buttheirproductsarenotstable...

  • Categories:Industry News
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  • Time of issue:2017-09-04
  • Views:46
1. Understand the strength of the enterprise. Before customers choose fingerprint lock, they must know the history of this enterprise entering fingerprint lock industry. Some enterprises have been established for a few years, but their products are not stable. The enterprises with a long history (such as Digil keylock) have accumulated rich industry experience. Whether it is the application of fingerprint identification technology or the traditional lock making process, the quality of products can be guaranteed to be stable. Some enterprises or brands do not produce by themselves, after receiving orders, or outsourcing, or some links of production and assembly.
Fingerprint lock is a kind of precision product. A finished product must be manufactured through 101 strict and exquisite standard processes. Product outsourcing or partial production naturally cannot control the product manufacturing process. Especially now there are many manufacturers that are transforming from similar screwdriver factories or purchasing and assembling spare parts. The quality of their products cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, the fingerprint lock with reliable quality is completed and controlled in its own factory.
In addition, the history of enterprises should also be focused on. Generally, the enterprises that have been rooted in the industry for more than 10 years often have experienced sufficient market inspection and accumulated rich industry experience. Whether it is the application of fingerprint lock identification technology or traditional lock making technology, it can ensure the stability of product quality. If an enterprise can not achieve the minimum production improvement cycle (5 years), then consumers should pay attention to avoid it. Looking at an enterprise's product series is often an effective way to judge its industry history. If an enterprise has only sold a few fingerprint locks in the market, it is often still in the initial stage of the industry, and the guarantee of its product quality is certainly not convincing.
2. Understand the technical ability of products. Fingerprint lock is a high-tech product. Only fingerprint lock with core technology can be invincible in the fierce market competition. Excellent fingerprint lock products often have independent intellectual property rights and many patents in key technologies such as fingerprint identification algorithm and lock structure. Those enterprises that just imitate others or purchase and assemble purely will not only have considerable risks in the overall control of products, but also face legal risks of intellectual property rights in the operation of enterprises at any time, so it is difficult to develop rapidly, let alone How to protect the family safety of consumers.
In terms of quality and technology, it is strictly forbidden to install the driving motor in the heart of the door lock -- the plug-in lock body (the normal use of the motor is based on various ideal environments and conditions, and the plug-in lock body will bear huge vibration in each closing and opening process, especially when the cheap motor made in China is used, the quality stability is more difficult to be guaranteed. )Moreover, the friction of the traditional motor drive structure leads to the failure of fingerprint lock, which seriously affects the service life of the lock. According to the author's understanding of the fingerprint lock industry, Jill keylock, the leading fingerprint lock brand in the industry, adopts the exclusive U.S. patent structure technology of the second generation of sealed space capsule, discards the traditional driving structure with unstable motor cartridge, and puts an end to the hidden danger of unstable lock cartridge.
In addition, whether the fingerprint lock insert core lock body is out of date with the second generation insert core lock body (lift the lock body up: pop up the generous tongue by lifting the handle outside the room), because the vulnerable groups (such as the elderly and children) will forget to lock when opening and closing the door, leaving behind the hidden danger of following in and stealing. The third generation of free tongue self spring lock and the fourth generation of multi lock point automatic control lock developed by Jill keylock effectively eliminate this hidden danger.
3. Understand the ability of after-sales service. Effective after-sales service is an important standard to measure a fingerprint lock brand. Fingerprint lock is a durable product. Door-to-door installation means that the service is just beginning. Powerful fingerprint lock manufacturers will provide free warranty service and extend the warranty period of products. And promise in a certain period of time, free warranty includes the mechanical part and electronic part of fingerprint lock.
When purchasing fingerprint lock, it is necessary to know whether the fingerprint lock brand has a national after-sales service network, whether it is convenient for users to open a national unified free after-sales service hotline, and promise to provide 24-hour solutions. The author understands that dijill keylock, based on its long-term experience in customer service, pioneered the three-level security service system in China. It is not only the only enterprise with perfect after-sales service in the industry, but also the network type after-sales service system, which can provide the best and most perfect after-sales service for local customers in time.

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