6 factors should be paid attention to when purchasing hardware locks

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Reporters yesterday learned from Xiaolan Town that from October 18 to 21, 2019 Zhongshan Xiaolan hardware lock Expo will be held in the international purchasing center of hardware locks.
According to reports, the exhibition area of this exhibition is 15000 square meters, gathering nearly 200 well-known brand enterprises in the industry, covering mechanical locks, intelligent locks, door and window hardware, chip modules, testing equipment, intelligent equipment and other products in the whole industrial chain. At that time, it is expected to attract tens of thousands of professional buyers at home and abroad to visit and purchase. During the period, there will also be "e-way colleagues, who come to eBay to assist in the global sales of hardware lock industry", "2019 second smart lock industry chain (Xiaolan) forum and smart lock matching manufacturers supply and demand meeting", "electronic anti-theft lock standard training seminar", etc. the organizer will organize high-end talents such as lock industry academic experts, entrepreneurs, engineers to participate in, and build for enterprises. An international, professional and high-quality exchange and cooperation platform.

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