The lock on the door is different from the sample

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First, refer to the previous lock cylinder for purchase
If you just want to replace the door lock, you can refer to the previous lock cylinder for purchase. If you want to take the previous lock to a professional master for detailed inspection, the experienced master can consolidate the quality of the lock cylinder according to the degree of key teeth, analyze the new internal structure, so as to select the quality for you according to your requirements Better B-level anti-theft door lock core.
Second, pay attention to the weight of door lock
For the purchase of B-level anti-theft door lock, we need to pay attention to its weight. Generally speaking, the heavier the weight of the door lock, the more complex its new internal structure is, including more beads and other parts, so it has better anti-theft function and can effectively enhance the anti-theft performance and safety performance of the anti-theft door.
Third, pay attention to the color of lock cylinder
For the B-level anti-theft door lock core with better quality, the new one is usually treated by electroplating, so it has smooth surface and bright color. Such a lock core has stronger firmness and anti-theft performance. If it is found that the color of the lock cylinder is yellow, it may be made of copper, which is suitable for ordinary families. If the color is grayish white with certain bubbles, it is made of zinc alloy to a large extent, which is lack of practical performance.

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